Running Log

Boston Marathon Week – 2

1024 919 Christo

This was a good week getting back on the path of a real training cycle.  The things that stood out to me were that I got out of bed and got my runs done on multiple days when in the past months (without a training plan) I would have told myself I would run at lunch instead and then not run. 

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Boston Marathon Week – 1

1024 919 Christo

Back in training!  And I ran five days this week!  Which about sums up the goals for this week, get back to steady running and get in a long run!

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6/27/2016 – 7/3/2016: Olympic Trials 10km

1024 386 Christo

Week 25 Morning Afternoon Other Total Monday 55 55 Tuesday 35 Strides 35 Wednesday 10 min brisk, 4 min up tempo (64’s) 45 Thursday 30 Strides 30 Friday 10 Race 10,000m Olympic Trials (29:27.15 15th) 70 Saturday 25 25 Sunday 30 30 Week 290 (48mi)

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6/20/2016 – 6/26/2016: Stumptown Twilight Meet

750 500 Christo

The week started with an extended pre-race workout in the heat. 3 miles at 4:55, then 3 x 1k at 2:40-2:42 which I hit for the most part. Not as good at hitting the low 2:40’s this year than I have in years past. As it was pouring when I started my warm up, I…

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6/13/2016 – 6/19/2016

615 461 Christo

The first place you’ve gotta run when visiting Portland is Forest Park. It’s got many fantastic trails and the one I visited for my long run on Monday was Leaf Erickson, although the ridge trail up to it is a little steep. Wednesday was my first workout and for that I used the track at…

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6/6/2016 – 6/12/2016: Portland Track Festival

1024 680 Christo

First workout of the week was back to normal with a pace run, starting to dip in duration though and it had long strides at the end of it as a consideration for the track. I started a little late which meant that I had to deal with some of the heat, but running on…

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5/30/2016 – 6/5/2016

768 1024 Christo

The first workout was a zinger. It started with two miles in ten minutes to warm up, put on flats and then was told to see how fast I could go in an 800. Turns out the answer is 1:58.0 at the cost of the tweaking my hamstring. I was able to get through most…

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5/23/2016 – 5/29/2016

150 150 Christo

It’s the start of my six week long track season and to get the ball rolling I had 300’s at the end of my pace run. Got to chase a few guys which definitely helps get a little more out of my legs than normal and surprised myself with a 42 for the last one.…

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5/16/2016 – 5/22/2016

1024 707 Christo

There was quite a bit of stumbling around in the early portion of this week. But after a 1/2 marathon / 25km double, you take what the body gives you which for me was basically nothing when going up =hill (imagine sprinter shuffle). Tuesday’s workout was the 5 on / 2 off pace run /…

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5/9/2016 – 5/15/2016: 25km USA Championships

580 387 Christo

Back to another race week so soon! First workout of the week was two sets of five PRK’s and I was given a hard cap of how fast to run them even though I was feeling good and found a nice rhythm on the track. A standard pre-race workout followed (brisk run then some K’s)…

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