6/13/2016 – 6/19/2016

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The first place you’ve gotta run when visiting Portland is Forest Park. It’s got many fantastic trails and the one I visited for my long run on Monday was Leaf Erickson, although the ridge trail up to it is a little steep. Wednesday was my first workout and for that I used the track at the high school in St. John’s. It’s a nice track that not many people show up to, so perfect for workouts. PRK’s are normally considered to be a flush out workout and this was no different, just with a little turnover tacked onto the end. The first set in trainers I was feeling a little bootylock leftover from the race and the quads were a little tired. However, the change to flats helped get me going and I was able to move steadily down in pace. Had a bit of trouble breaking 30 for the 200’s as I’ve done a bunch of turnover in the past five days.

The next workout was a quick two days later on Friday. A downward ladder some 400’s and then a mile hard to finish. As has been normal this season, I struggled out of the gate with the first mile coming in two seconds slower than prescribed. My hamstring was also tight enough at this point that I was considering pushing the workout back until Saturday but as my coach usually has me do, I went repeat by repeat and was able to get everything but the last mile done. At this point in the season (or all the time) I am prioritizing staying healthy over getting that last little bit of work in.

Week 23MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Wednesday2 x 5 x 1k w/1 min rest 92:55, 2:54->2:49), 4 min b/t sets. 5 min, 4 x 200 w/2 min rest (31, 30, 29, 29)80
Friday1600 (4:30), 4 min, 1200 (3:20), 3 min, 1000 (2:45), 2.5 min, 800 (2:11), 2 min 8 x 400 (~64) w/1 min rest75
Week620 (108mi)



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