5/23/2016 – 5/29/2016

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It’s the start of my six week long track season and to get the ball rolling I had 300’s at the end of my pace run. Got to chase a few guys which definitely helps get a little more out of my legs than normal and surprised myself with a 42 for the last one. That’s fairly quick for me as my 400 pr is 55. Still having some asthma issues due to the pollen in the air, aren’t we past that stage for the year yet?

Well the heat has arrived in force and I have not adjusted well, neither the body is used to it nor is my timing on runs doing well. Starting a run at 10:30 is no longer a good idea and as with most things, I learned this the hard way twice (especially bad when the water fountain I planned a run around isn’t on).

This workout was a repeat of one I had earlier this year that did not go too well, 6 x Mile with 4 min rest and today was no different. There’s no question that the heat played a part in my inability to run much faster than 4:30 pace (4:30, 4:30, 4:31, 4:29, 4:29, 4:27), but mentally I was very far off my game as well. Finished the day with 4 x 400 and was quite zonked running 63’s.

Week 20MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Monday45 min PR avg (4:58), 4 x 300 (45,43,43,42)110
Friday6 x Mile w/4 min rest (avg 4:29), 4 x 400 w/1 min rest (63's)25100
Week660 (110mi)



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