5/2/2016 – 5/8/2016

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Holy smokes am I sore. Doing 26 miles on race day probably didn’t help either. Got worked on twice this week in an attempt got get the lower legs under control before they progressed from soreness to problem as they did after 15km USA Champs. The first workout was an pace run fartlek for lack of a better term. It was 7 x 5 min on, 2 off where the on’s were at pace run effort and the off’s were regular pace. Normally this would be a light workout as it’s a 35 min PR with rest thrown in and I’m used to 50-60 min PR’s. However, coming a few days after a half marathon it was the perfect workout and not easy by any reach. The downside was that I might have tweaked my left calf halfway through and that will have to be monitored in the next few days.

Well I had to push MR+ back a day to protect my calves, but was able to get it in along with my second workout without any hiccups. The primary was 2 x 30 min PR, with the first one averaging 5:00 and the second one (with flats) at 4:52 pace. I kept the second one on the track as I found a gear right at 4:52 and didn’t want to mess with that. I felt that this was a good workout less than a week out of the half marathon, even if the effort level started escalating rapidly over the last mile. The next day I ventured onto trails for the first time in 5-6 weeks (been going flat as possible protecting the calf) and everything survived! That’s a load off my mind.

Week 17MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Tuesday7 x 5 on 2 off ~4:55 on's 6:30 offs80
Friday2 x 30 min PR, 5 min rest, 5:00/4:52105
Week750 (125mi)



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