5/16/2016 – 5/22/2016

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There was quite a bit of stumbling around in the early portion of this week. But after a 1/2 marathon / 25km double, you take what the body gives you which for me was basically nothing when going up =hill (imagine sprinter shuffle). Tuesday’s workout was the 5 on / 2 off pace run / regular run effort again (8 reps instead of 7 this time) and while normally 4:55 isn’t killer, being this close to a race made it so. I was wiped after the workout and decided lifting would be safer to do the next day on sore legs.

The next few days my legs rebounded and while it felt like I was plodding the pace was around 5:50, the normal, expected range. While the UNC-Charlotte track is getting replace we traveled up to Davidson to use theirs and it is very nice. Although it does feel like the straightaway’s never end due to the transition from a track with wide turns to one with small turns. Friday was a step-down workout of 3 miles, 2 miles, 1 mile, 2×800. The rest was 5 min, 4 min, 3:30, 2:30. The start of these workouts always seem the worst, when you finish the first repeat and are then faced with a large drop in pace going into the second one while in reality after the second one you’ve done five sevenths of the mileage. After I got over the two mile hump, it was all downhill although my legs protested loudly whenever I tried to run under 66 per lap.

Week 19MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Tuesday8 x 5 on, 2 off. On 4:55, off 6:3095
Friday3 mi (4:50), 2 mi (4:37), 1 mi (4:30), 2 x 800 (2:12, 2:10)90
Week720 (120mi)



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