4/4/2014 – 4/10/2016

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Well I had the pleasure of doing two long runs this week as the race on Sunday pushed last week’s back to Monday. The first one started out slowly as the race was in my legs, but once I got on the Capital Crescent Trail and started trying to run down bikers things picked up…probably shouldn’t have been in the 5:30’s but oh well, I was frustrated at my performance in the race the day before. Was pretty snappy on my runs the next day, but that feeling went away pretty quickly after my first workout. Basically it was a broken up pace run to baby me through it coming off the race and to not push me too much so that I’d be ready to for the primary workout in two days.

The primary on Friday was sets of pace run thousands on a cool, windy morning. The first set at 72’s was fairly relaxed, however the second set at 70’s I had to make sure to get out and attack to set a proper pace. I got to put flats on before the third set which meant the effort level for 68’s was approximately the same, with my legs turning over a little quicker with the decrease in weight on my feet. The last set I was told to work from 2:55-2:45 over the course of four and I did with the effort level jacking up for the last two. I was happy with this workout because I was on top of my game mentally and physically which has not been the norm recently which it should be. Moving in the right direction.

Week 13MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Wednesday304 x 5 min, 4 x 4 min, 3 x 3 min, w/1 min rest in mid 4:50's115
Friday5 x 1k (3:00), 4 x 1k (2:55), 4 x 1k (2:50), 4 x 1k (2:55 -> 2:45). 3 min b/t sets, 1 min b/t K's40145
Week780 (130mi)



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