4/11/2016 – 4/17/2016

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Tuesday was a painful workout, it’s never good when you’re redlining on the first repeat of the workout. After three my heart rate was at 200, it’s unusual for it to be that high so early in the workout. Flats helped me get the effort under control and I was able to finish off the effort, but the desired steady decline in times was missing: 4:29, 4:30, 4:31 – flats – 4:30, 4:28, 4:29, 4:26. To finish things off and put a little turnover in my legs I got 4 x 400 at the end which wasn’t exactly hard, but I would have had trouble carrying that pace for more than another hundred meters at that point. Also of note, it was 2 pm, low 70’s with sunny conditions which added up over the course of the workout.

The effort later in the week was a solid 60 minute pace run that I did on a greenway in south Charlotte. Splits averaged 5:02 (and ranged from 5:05-4:55) which while not fast was the right effort for a pace run. Being on a bike path that rolls is different than the perfect tempo of the track and the workout is more about hitting the right effort level than the perfect splits. My right calf started to bug me the last little bit of this workout, just as it did at the end of the mile repeats. It’s something I’ve been dealing with since the 15km back in March.

Week 14MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Tuesday7 x mile w/3 min rest (avg 4:29), 5 min 4 x400 w/1 min rest (64's)75
Friday60 min PR avg 5:0230Lift125
Week660 (110mi)



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