3/28/2016 – 4/3/2016: Cherry Blossom 10 miler

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This week was centered around the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, a race I like as I grew up less than ten miles away from the start and have friends and family in the area. The start of the week was no different than any other 130 mile week with high mileage days, but around three days out from the race that begins to change ending in my normal twelve miles in two days before the race.

Race morning was a bit chilly as the temps were in the mid-30’s and sustained 30mph winds put a damper on race paces, but not participation as nearly all 16,000 people showed up to compete! Splits were few and far between as all markers on the course were taken down due to the wind, however the timing mats at 5 miles (25:04), 10k (30:50) and 9 miles (43:55) were still down. As evident from the splits, we stayed packed up for first 10k with no one wanting to push the pace into the wind (a fairly suicidal idea). This changed heading out on Haynes Point with the wind at our back shortly after 10k when the leaders dropped a 4:20 (estimated) mile to shatter the pack of nine runners. I tried to stay with the leaders as I knew as soon as we turned the corner to head back to the finish the wind would be in our face for the last two miles and being in no-man’s land would be disastrous. Well, I was able to find a few people to run with, unfortunately they were the last three from the pack and I didn’t improve from there. Overall I stayed relaxed and in control for the first 6.5 miles, was ready for the move when it happened, but failed to be mentally on top of my game from there on out and it showed in the poor finish. There is work left to be done, it’s hard to remember that I’m two months behind in training from where I normally am at this point because I’m peaking two months later than normal. I’m normally ready to wreck shop by the beginning of April!

Week 12MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Tuesday302 x 15 min PR w/5 min rest (4:59 & 4:54 avg)115
Thursday7 min brisk, 3 min, 3 x 1k w/3 min rest (2:49, 2:48, 2:42)85
SundayRace Cherry Blossom 10 mi (49:05 9th)40130
Week630 (105mi)



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