3/14/2016 – 3/20/2016

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Did my pace run on a greenway in South Charlotte hoping to escape some of the 85+ degree heat, I was slow to get out the door and thus unsuccessful. My instructions were to take the first 20 minutes at 5:05-5:10 pace (5:06, 5:06, 5:12, 5:11) which I did after slowing myself down on multiple occasions. That problem went away quickly though as my body temps start to rise from the heat as 5:05 pace suddenly became the right effort level for a pace run. I finished with (5:06, 5:05, 5:05, 5:03, 5:03, 3:45). Good workout coming off a race and in the heat.

The primary was my first tempo of the year. Normally I’ve done a few by this point, but normally my peak would be the start of May, not the start of July. I was told to go 4:44-4:48, much slower than my normal 4:40ish, but again (frustratingly so) my coach was right on pacing as I was pushing hard (4:43 (fast first lap), 4:47, 4:47, 4:45). My right soleus has started bugging me the day before and was throbbing after the tempo. Figured I’d give the hills a shot and I was able to complete them but I’ve got to go into full recovery mode to get this thing under control so that it doesn’t turn into a setback. The precursor to the soleus problem was both lower legs being incredibly sore and tight following the race and not getting them worked out before the primary.

The day following the primary had to be turned into my easy day as I felt my soleus the entire run and didn’t want to run on it again. Over the next two days I was still feeling it at a low level but it would warm up well after twenty minutes.

Week 10MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Tuesday50 min PR (5:06 avg)30115
Friday4 mile tempo (4:43, 47, 47, 45), 7 min, 12 x 75 sec hill30130
Week720 (120mi)



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