8/4/2014 – 8/10/2014

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Well these were an interesting two interesting weeks as they included my move (driving) from Ann Arbor, Michigan to my temporary training grounds of Bainbridge Island, Washington (right outside of Seattle). To avoid having to do any workouts while driving I squished them into the beginning of the week and held my maintenance run plus and long run for my travel days. While this was nice for the trip portion, I paid a heavy price during the beginning of my first 140 mile week in terms of workload, hitting ~90 miles in the first four days and putting in a sub-par performance in my fartlek pace-wise (even if the effort level was high). On the other hand, that wasn’t anything that sitting on my duff for 9-10 hours a day in a car couldn’t fix and by the time Sunday came around I was ready for a surprisingly good long run in Bismarck, ND. If you ever find yourself in that area, check out the series of parks and trails along the Missouri River for a good run. Also of note driving across the northern United States, besides the beauty of open country, were the number of bugs I ran across. It got to the point where I had to wash off my headlights when I got to gas stations…not something I’ve experienced before.

Week 11MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Tuesday4 x 5 x 1km w/1 min rest, 2:30 b/t sets. Set avgts: 2:57, 2:54, 2:54, 2:50140
ThursdayFartlek on: 2 x 8,6,4,3 off: 2 min. Avg on 4:5040135
Week840 (140mi)



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