8/11/2014 – 8/17/2014

800 600 Christo

I arrived in Seattle Monday evening and by the next morning most of the stuffiness was out of my legs for the progression run. A note about this run, while it looks to be similar to the one I did in week 7, this one dropped the pace quicker leading to an overall faster average pace. On Friday I had a shorter, quicker workout. This was in part due to the impending long run workout on Sunday, as well as to work on my top end gears, something I’ve been having some difficulty reaching in the past few weeks of training. It went very well, easily sliding into the necessary speeds (this is not to say the effort level was not high), and getting a boost from flats for the last three repeats. Overall this was a nice down week in mileage to recover from travel and to get ready for another 140 mile week.

Week 12MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Tuesday60 min Progression Run 5:20-4:45100
Friday306 x Mile w/1:30 rest. 4:30, 32, 31, 25, 26, 23100
Sunday140 w/10, 10 min segments of med (~5:20), hard (~5:02), easy (5:38)140
Week720 (120mi)



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