7/28/2014 – 8/3/2014

150 150 Christo

Well back to training in a big way this week with an hour long fartlek, an hour pace run on the track and a second areobic fartlek long run. One thing I like to do once or twice in a week is a pace check on the track at the end of a run (anywhere from 400m-1600m) followed with a quick heart rate test. I’m looking for a result in the 145-160 range, usually I’m around 150. This week I’ve been coming in pretty quickly at the end of the run in the low 5:40’s, including a 5:27 check at the close of my maintenance run plus on Wednesday. While that last one is probably a little fast, a staple of my training is quality maintenance runs (non workouts) which at this point in my career means mid 5:40’s to low 5:50’s.

Week 10MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
TuesdayFartlek 5 x 4,3,2 w/1 min rest avg on 4:4340135
Friday3060 min PR avg 5:00120
Sunday140 min w/6 15 min segments of med (~5:23), hard (~5:05), easy (~5:40)140
Week780 (130mi)



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