7/21/2014 – 7/27/2014: 7mi USA Championships

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Well the 7 mile US Championships (Bix 7) came down to a kick with Sean Quigley and this time I was the one watching someone pull away. This wasn’t the first time I’ve faced Sean in a kick either…I’ll be looking forward to the 20k and a chance to start evening the score.

9/30/2006W&M Meet10Rumor has it he started throwing up after I passed him, one of my prouder moments.
9/3/201120km USA Champs11Came out of nowhere in the last 200 meters to blow me away.
3/9/201315km USA Champs12Got me by one second over the last mile.
4/28/2013Payton Jordan13Big separation over the last mile.
4/18/2014Mt. SAC Relays14I call shenanigans, “someone” took half my shoe off in the this race. Try kicking like that!
7/26/2014Bix 715Stride for stride for the last 1.5 miles until he found one more gear than I had.

Going into the race I was concerned with how I would fare considering the strength of the field, the course not playing to my strengths (short and hilly) and the fact that I’ve been beginning to readjust to higher mileage over the past two weeks.

The race started slowly, 5:15, with Meb Keflezighi in front but that was to be expected as there is a very large sustained climb for a majority of the mile. Understandably, things picked up (4:25) through the downhill second mile going into the hilly turn around portion of the course (4:49). Up to this point I was hanging in the front pack concentrating on staying relaxed while Meb and Stephen Pifer did most of the leading which continued through the fourth mile (4:42). As we started the climb up the long slope that had been the downhill second mile the pace started to flag (5:01) and I realized that I was going to have to make a move if I wanted to break up the pack of five that I had found myself leading. With about a mile and a half to go I increased the tempo and started to pull away with only Sean keeping me company. We continued to run stride for stride down the ridiculous hill that we started the race on. I say ridiculous because I was trying to not give an inch to Sean, while at the same time, not overrunning and falling flat on my face as it’s fairly steep on top of the fact that it seemed to go on forever (as a side note, I cooled down with Sean after the race and he had similar thoughts coming down the hill). When at last the hill ended and we rounded the corner, with 500 meters or so left in the race, I put on another surge and pulled away…for a short time. However, he had another gear I didn’t match and pulled away for the victory. The last two miles were 9:17 for an overall time of 33:32.

Overall I thought it was a successful race. I put my mark on the race, ran it on my terms and just came up one gear short. I’m looking forward to the rematch on Labor Day, as well as another chance to be the first person to win four USARC races in one year.

Week 9MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Monday40Pace Segments 15 min @ 5:10, 15 min @ 5:00, 10 min @ 4:54125
Wednesday2 mile (10:05), 3 x 3 on/off70
SaturdayBix 7 (33:32 2nd)45130
Week630 (105mi)



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