7/14/2014 – 7/20/2014

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Well this week involved something that hasn’t happened in the last four years to my recollection…I had to cut a workout short. On Friday I was supposed to do 2x5xmile, however, after the 6th mile I was going backwards and significantly off my splits. In an attempt to salvage volume from the workout I moved to thousands but those were even slower. It was a difficult decision for me to stop the workout at this point. On one hand, my legs were done and my times were 10 seconds per mile or more off. On the other hand, if you quit once when it gets tough or things aren’t going well, it becomes much easier to quit again which is not a routine I want to get in. At that point the question had to be asked, how did it get to this point? Sure the workout was hard on paper: high volume, low rest, and fast splits, but it was something I should have been able to handle given the past few weeks. My focus was definitely off, I had picked my head up and started to think ahead to next week’s race instead of taking things a day at a time, yet that doesn’t account for everything. At this point, I’ll have to chalk it up to a hard two weeks of training and a heavy lift on Wednesday. All that’s left now is to recover and not screw up again in the future.

Week 8MorningAfternoonOtherTotal
Tuesday50 min PR avg 4:5840130
FridayFailed: 2x5xMile, w/1 min rest. Only got in 650115
Week780 (130mi)



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