Credit: Chris Lotsbom
Christo Landry
Professional Runner
Stumptown Twilight Meet
Mileage: 80
LR/MR+: 1:40/none

Distance: 1500m (3:50.04)

Place: 13th

PWO: 4 x 1k, 4 x 200

SWO: 3 mi PR, 3 x 1k

Longer pre-race earlier in the week into a decent effort on the 1500 (closing in 48, not so great) along with the last harder workout before the Trials.

Mileage: 108
LR/MR+: 1:50/none

PWO: 1600, 1200, 1000, 800, 8 x 400

SWO: 2 x 5 x 1k, 4 x 200

Lighter session of pace run thousands midweek and then the harder session of later in the week between 5k and 10k pace.

Portland Track Festival
Race: Portland Track Festival
Mileage: 99
LR/MR+: 2:00/none

Distance: 5km (13:56.46)

Place: 14th

PWO: 40 min PR, 4 x 40 sec

SWO: Pre-Race

Got dropped around halfway and then had a slow death. Track pain is significantly different than the pain on the roads and I've got one more race to get used to it.

Mileage: 109
LR/MR+: 2:05/none

PWO: 6 x 1k, 2 x 800, 5 x 400

SWO: 3200, 800, 600, 2 x 400, 2 x 300, 1600

Secondary workout was to hammer speed into my legs which happened with a 98% effort 800 (broke two!) and following short segments, but it also tweaked my hamstring. Was able to catch it in time and it only pushed the next workout back by a day. The primary was another story in suffering due to the hottest day of the year so far and it left me with no idea of my current track fitness.

Mileage: 110
LR/MR+: 2:05/1:30

PWO: 6 x Mile, 4 x 400

SWO: 45 min PR, 4 x 300

Continuing the transition into track season, got to spin my wheels with three hundreds which was fun chasing down and holding off other people. The 6 x Mile workout later in the week went just about as well as the first one a month and a half ago which is to say, not well.

Mileage: 105
LR/MR+: 2:00/none

PWO: 3 mile, 2 mile, 1 mile, 800, 800.

SWO: 8 x 5 on / 2 off.

Another recovery week and transition into my abbreviated track season. Was more exhausted than the workouts would normally warrent due to the 1/2, 25k double.

USA 25km Championships
Race: River Bank Run
Mileage: 105
LR/MR+: 2:00/none

Distance: 25km (1:15:32)

Place: 1st

PWO: 2 x 5 PRK's on the track, pace: 2:55, 2:52

SWO: 12 min brisk, 2 x 1,000

The pace went out slowish for the race (4:57 avg through 10) and then dropped before I made a move at 13 to pull away. This has been a fun two weeks.

Mileage: 125
LR/MR+: 2:15/1:40

PWO: 2 x 30 min PR w/5 min rest.

SWO: 7 x 5 on / 2 off. On 4:55ish, off a jog.

This week was all about recover as the lower legs were very sore (but survived!) after the half marathon. Had to switch around a day or two, but with lots of icing and two massages, I'm on track for the double.

USA Half Marathon Championships
Race: Capital City Half Marathon
Mileage: 105
LR/MR+: 2:00/none

Distance: Half Marathon (62:52)

Place: 1st

PWO: 5 x 3 on / 2 off, 2 min, 1000

SWO: none

Never had a race plan go so true to form or work so well. Made a hard, sharp move at 10 miles and broke away from the pack.

Credit: Eric J. Ellis